You dream or want to travel to New Zealand, here is what you need to know about the climate:

The seasons are opposite compared to Europe. The world in reverse, that is when it is summer in France, it is the winter in New Zealand. There are few climatic differences between the North Island and the South Island. The climate of New Zealand is unique in the world. There is no perfect season for a trip.

Summer is from December to March. The days seem endless. The climate is drier and the temperatures are comfortable. It is a busier period as the Kiwis are also on vacation. If you opt to make a trip in this period, book well in advance, preferably at least 4 months.

Winter is from June to September. A nice and enjoyable season, it is time to enjoy the ecstasy of winter sports. The only downside is that the sun goes down sooner and the days are short.

Autumn and spring are consequently two remarkable seasons. It’s less touristic and the tariffs are better. The autumn lasts until the end of April or mid-May. The colors of the trees and vineyards are magnificent in the Wanaka area.

Spring is quite inconsistent. In general, it rains a lot but it is not continuous. Temperatures are mild but not enough to swim.

Overall, New Zealand enjoys a very varied climate. There is no ideal season for a trip. Each season has its advantages and trends.



  • By plane

An opportunity to admire the grandiose and surprising landscapes of New Zealand’s nature.

  • By boat

Several ferries do crossings between the different ports of New Zealand.

  • By bus

Buses run on both islands, North and South, and serve all cities.

  • Car Rental

We drive to the left.

  • Rent a bicycle.

The rental of bicycles by the day is not expensive and allows to discover the nature through the trails of the country.


  • New Zealand enjoys a very varied climate


Are you ready to go ?

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